Monday, May 11, 2020

Short Rows

The two slab pieces are waiting on the glue pot to warm, once the glue is up to temp I'll join the slab half's. The base units have been cleaned up and drilled for draw boring, same story waiting on the glue to wqrm up.

After many years of "yes dear, I'll go through the photo archives tomorrow", well tomorrow has finally arrived. It is a good thing I've retired because it is almost like the stables, there is no end in sight. That's the bad news, the good is it for now is kinda fun.

The big difference in my self photos is my hair was dark brown, almost black, now there is a little less of it and it is mostly brownish grey.

Ugly Dude on the Beach with Flag:

A photo from a Series on a Houston family:

And one from the Ogden Street Project:

last one for the day:

These are easy, mostly just loading files off too many CD's to count. The work will come when I start going through the negatives and prints.



  1. Very cool, just spent almost a month going thru stuff like that. Did my first cull, next rounds Ill archive and store some. So many papers, so many pictures, so many of everything :-)

    In other news, the temporary greenhouse I just finished putting up, did not survived well the recent dangerous high winds we had this WE, Just finish cleaning up the site. Total loss

    Bob, going thru the mother of all Spring cleanup.

  2. Bob,

    Sorry about the green house. We have been going back and forth on one. I want one mostly to keep the birds off my tomatoes.

    It is interesting, MsBubba had a wonderful mop of curly blonde hair back then, that and her butt were the reasons I chased her until she caught me. I'll add she was so caring with the patients I knew she was the one, that part fooled me :-).


  3. I try to take less picture now that I realized that I barely look at them and I almost never sort them. I still have few hundreds of them from 10 years ago that I did not sort. Lack of energy to do it or lack of interest, most of the time always something better to do.

    1. Lionel,

      It has been years since doing serious photography, now it is just a iPhone quick photo of work in progress.

      What I'm doing now getting my "work" sorted to send to Texas Tech University. Because of the type of photographs I took they will become important records of a time. An Art consultant friend arranged for Texas Tech to take them into its archives.

      Saving MsBubba or the kids from the job of burning them after I croak.