Thursday, May 07, 2020

Clean Up Day

One half of the slab is glued up and off the bench. I'll start stock prep on the other half this afternoon. The base units are together and waiting on final fitting and clean up. This morning some time was spent on the chisels used to get to this point, while most were sharpened in progress, six were on the sharpening bench.

The other half of the the slab will take two to three days plus another to fuse the two sides. My thinking at this time is to do some basic clean up on the slab and then take it to Woodworkers Source for finishing. They have a 36" stroke sander and the slab will just fit.

One half of the slab off the bench:

 While I feel like I'm in the short rows, it will be another week before the fat lady sings.

Levi, our first grandchild has just finished being read the "Lord of The Rings" and watched the movies. Now he wants a fairy garden with a fairy door. Between MsBubba and I we kinda made one, surprisingly without a visit from the local Sheriff.



  1. Is that a snake i see under the...oh wait its the power cord :-)
    Haha I know very well what you meant by that joke with Ms Bubba, same applies . Funny we have a son named Levi

    Bob, flying low under the radar :-)

  2. Bob,

    Trying to do the same here, but she still hunts me down :-).