Sunday, February 16, 2020

Saddling the Seat

The seat saddling is getting close, I've almost finished with the travisher. Card scrappers next.

I've found two different forms of travisher available, one with horns and one without.

Of the two, the one on the right without horns gives better control and I use it for travisher finish work. The horned travisher in my hands is better for the roughing out. Of course YMMV.

BTW, I have not posted in awhile, click 'em to big 'em.

On to a completely different subject:

A friend from work came by yesterday, he had a, best guess, 1960's Stanley #5 and a few Home Depot Stanley chisels with him. Matt wanted to learn how to set up the plane and sharpen iron.

The plane was in good shape other than just a little surface rust and frog screws put in by Conan. The cutter? First it was without any camber and someone had kinda sharpened it using the "ruler trick" on the back. Nothing really wrong with using the ruler trick but if you want a flat back it takes grinding the bevel back to get rid of it. I did grind the bevel but only enough to give a proper "Jack" plane camber. After a little sharpening and showing Matt how to set the plane up he made a few passes with it and afterwards had a big smile.

The chisels were better than I expected, the backs were flat with a slight hollow in the middle and they had a nice flat bevel with very little hollow. After showing Matt how to hold the chisel's back and bevel on the stones and what to feel and look for, he did a good job sharpening. I've not a clue how good the chisels are but they might be a good starter set.

Last was advice on buying a couple of stones to get started, which were a medium India and a hard Arkansas with a strop. If money is a factor a two grit course and fine India with a strop will do a good job as well. I'm a sharpening junky but the truth is, while nice and fun to use, all the polishing stones and JNats are not needed to have a good working edge.



  1. Ken where did you get the hornless travisher from?

    1. Ralph,

      IIRC from the other is

      hope those help,


  2. Looking good, should have a seat in no time :-)
    Good on you for helping your friend, good advices

    Bob, with Rudy snuggled up

  3. Thanks Bob,

    It is slow going mostly because I'm slow :-). Then I go in for a procedure today and I'm not sure on the recovery time so it may really slow.


  4. Steve D8:04 PM

    Horned Travisher sounds like a wee beastie from Australia.

  5. Steve,

    Yep, I wouldn't want one for a bedroll partner.


  6. Steve D5:52 PM

    You might wake up to shaved truffles.