Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Another Journal Update

While at the Doc's for my follow up visit the EKG showed I had gone into Cardiac flutter in addition to the AFib. MsBubba, having worked in the ER and Cardiac Rehab for a number of years, spotted the flutter while the tech was doing the EKG. It was a long wait for the Doc to show.

Bottom line I go back to the Outpatient unit  Friday for another Cardioversion to see if they can get me into a normal rhythm.  It sucks to get old.

Sorry for all the medical BS but this is where I keep a record of what I do and what is happening in my life. Pretty sad and boring this shit is the most interesting thing in my life. at one time I could write about the sun rise over the Nile and the street food of Hong Kong, racing the sun while going "over the top", or even "there I waz with one burning and one turning".

Like I said, it sucks to get old,



  1. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Maybe getting old sucks, but it's still a good deal better than the alternative. Even getting bored in your chair in front of the computer or TV is better than getting bored by the worms in a wooden box!
    Jim Waldron, Boatwright

    1. Jim,

      I believe it was Monty Python's "Life of Brian" where they were singing look on the bright side while hanging on a cross. While not as extreme it kinda defines where I am.:-).

      I expect in a month or two this will all be in the past with no harm no foul, but damn I'm tired of living in Doc's offices.

      The good news, I've been turned loose to work in the shop and I have a project other than the chair I'm currently working on and soon I hope no more updates.


  2. hang in there my friend, i would like to meet before we both kick the bucket...
    Bob, also battling health issues.
    BTW Love Monthy Python :-)


  3. Bob,

    Yep it would be nice to watch the Summer Sun rise over the Bay of Fundy or the Winter Sun set over the Tucsons with whisky in hand and telling lies.


  4. Sound like a plan :-)