Monday, February 03, 2020

New JNat

I'm such a sucker for JNats. There is just something about them that touch my soul. Bottom line I ordered a Ohira Range Suita of medium hardness a couple of weeks ago and it arrived today.

I'll need to Cashew Lacquer the bottom and sides but I could not resist putting iron to stone before doing it.

Out of the box:

Slurry from the back of the chisel:

Slurry from the bevel:

It should be a good finishing stone. It makes a slurry very easily and cuts quickly. the finish is a very smooth Kasumi (cloudy finish) with beautiful separation between the soft iron and hard steel.



  1. Cashew lacquer the stone sides and bottom?? Never heard of that, but I trust you know your way around Japanese natural stones (Jnat).
    Do you have to make your own or can you buy such a lacquer??

    Bob, feeling guilty reading your post eating peanuts :-)

    1. Bob,

      LOL, Cashew Lacquer is the traditional coating of the sides of JNats, in addition if you want to go all the way there is a special paper used under the lacquer. I don't go so far as the paper. All this, because of the nature of the stones, is to help keep them together. I've never had one come apart but they could.

      While I expect any lacquer would work Cashew is the tradition. You can buy small cans from a couple of places in Japan, it is expensive but you do not need much.

      You should come on in, the water is fine only your pocket book suffers,