Friday, February 28, 2020


I was booked for a Cardioversion this afternoon. This morning I converted on my own. After a trip to the Doc's office for an EKG the Cardioversion was cancelled and for now, other than some real nasty meds, I'm back to normal. I'll still take a few more days off to make sure but damn it feels good.

I'm down to three small Marples chisels to finish cleaning up and sharpening. It is nice seeing them in the chisel rack and ready to use. It will be even nicer to use them.

Here they are in the rack, for most of the sizes there is one bevel edge and one firmer. The larger than one inch and patternmaker/paring chisels are in the lower rack.


There are more but most are duplicates and some post 1930's chisels plus a number of Marples chisels with London pattern handles.

Tomorrow may be a clean and move stuff around in the shop day. Right now the French/English bench is against the West wall of the shop and is in the way, especially for how little it is used other than a flat surface to hold stuff. There is room along the East wall, under the lumber rack, for the bench where I can still use the shooting board and have the vise available if needed.


  1. That's what i need sorely to build: Chisel racks.
    Had a few thru the years, long overan by chisels who need a home near my bench.

    Maybe that will motivate my ass downstairs and whip up something :-)

    Bob, marked safe from yesterday snow storm (??, what storm??)

  2. Bob,

    No matter how big or how many there are always too many chisels for the slots available. The seldom used overflow are put in chisel rolls and are never seen again. At least until I remember where I put 'em and then the process starts over.

    I need to sell a few but they are like children "oh this is such a great chisel, ain't no way I can sell it". Then back into the roll and stored until the next time.