Sunday, November 03, 2019

Two More Weeks; This post is photo heavy

MsBubba left Sweet Maggie Dog and myself without adult supervision for a couple of months. She returns from gallivanting around the world Friday week. The first part of the trip was to the UK to see her folks then on to Morocco for a couple of weeks walking in the Atlas Mountains. Today she has returned to the coast for a few days before going back to Scotland. Then home next Friday.

Here are some photos of her adventure:


Atlas Mountains:

 Hotel Pool:


More Market:


 Hotel and pool:

She has had a great time, I expect the best part were the Mountain hikes. A couple days on the coast and then back to the cold and rain of Scotland.



  1. Look like an awesome trip. PS you may want to start cleaning up now, before its too late after 2 months :-)

    Bob, who should talk too much on the grounds I may incriminate myself in this regard :-)

    1. Bob,

      Good advise and I have. Timing is everything, too soon and it will need redoing, too late and I'm in deep dodo :-).

      Now what to do with all the toys that some way ended up here over the last couple of months.

      BTW, it will be good to see the old gal, Maggie isn't a great conversationalist, with her it is usually just "where is my treat", "scratch my back", or "I need to go poop". If I start ranting about Trump she just goes to sleep. Of course you could say the same about MsBubba on the Trump thing.