Sunday, November 24, 2019

Ray Iles 10 1/2 Cutter

The new Ray Iles iron for the Stanley 10 1/2 was in Saturday's mail. It is a nice looking cutter, ~3mm thick. the OEM is ~2mm thick so while thicker it is not what you would call thick like most new irons.

IIRC, Ray Iles still makes his chisels and plane irons the old fashion way where they harden the iron first and then grind the bevel. I'll be reminded soon, once I start to flatten the back.

I pick MsBubba up at KPHX this afternoon, scheduled to arrive about 1700. It is about a 90 minute drive, all freeway to get home. I expect a tired, wet hen, on the ride home. Over 20 hours of airline terminals, three changes of airplane and all of 'em to ride steerage in the back of a Boeing will do that to you.

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