Wednesday, November 20, 2019

MsBubba Coming Home Sunday 11/24

I guess Sweet Maggie Dog and I will have to get our act together by Sunday evening. She arrives in KPHX late Sunday afternoon, I'll pick her up so she doesn't have the shuttle ride to Tucson on top of the 24 or so hours in airline terminals and the back of a Boeing.

It will be good to see the old gal, it has been too long. The only problem is she may need to turn right around and go back.

It will be assholes and elbows Saturday to get the pit ready for inspection. I need to figure out how to trash all the empty whisky bottles and takeout containers 👴.



  1. Ha ha
    Here is a decorator tip: Placing all the empty whisky bottles on top of the bench(es) will draw her attention away from the bunny rabbit's bench multiplying quickly :-) Take out containers, burn them. Problem solved, you're welcome
    Wink, wink

    Who has endured umpteen military inspection and survived long enough to do my own military inspections. In my last jobs I was the Senior Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent (SAMS) of my last 2 Squadrons. My job was basically keeper of our Sqn Airworthiness Accreditation. The big bad boy who grant and rescind authorization to work, touch, or be near the planes. Including the pilots (its like herding cats :-) on some stuff they could sign off themselves (fighter pilots) and kept current by enduring my briefings and interviews.

  2. Bob,

    Thanks for the help, sounds like a plan to me :-).

    Yep we tend to be that way, I'm not sure if it is bred or learned, I would guess a little of each. While I have the hammer, life goes easier if I can figure out how to make 'em think it was their idea in the first place,