Sunday, October 06, 2019

Clifton Planes

The human mind is a wonderful thing, if you want it to, it can rationalize almost anything. Let's see if I can set up the story: I'm going through my annual or even shorter push to "clean the shop out" to get back to just the tools I need and use. Yep, Bubba, sure you will do that just like the last time. Only this time I mean it, really, pinky swear it will happen, mean it.

In looking at my tools and trying to decide which ones will end up on the Ark and which will go I realized there wasn't a Clifton plane in the lot of 'em. How could I make a decision as important as who stays and who gets thrown overboard without having tried one of the major players? Good question with only one answer. "Hello Tools For Working Wood could you send a #4 Clifton down Tucson way". BTW, I've already sent my Veritas planes down the plank. They are nice, beautifully made planes but I just can't develop any love for Norris adjusters and I have really tried.

It is a nice plane. Better than the other two, not really, just a little different and not much of that. Of the three it is the heaviest at a 2137 grams,   the LN with a Veritas O1 cutter weights 2001 grams, and of course the Stanley with a Japanese iron is the lightest at 1654 grams.

I like the "bun" knob on the Clifton and the plane feels good, if a little heavy. in hand. Its one advantage over LN is a OEM O1 cutter. For some of us that is a big advantage.



  1. But Ken, if you haven't tried a Record #04, how will you know if you've really tried all the major players?


    1. Mark,

      I guess I should have the old Record #4 in the photo :-). It was one of the first planes I bought and it is still as good as any. I'll probably keep it just because. BTW, that is usually the fail of cleaning out the shop "I can't let this one go because (insert reason}.


  2. I would not know anything about this conundrum because... Oh, who am I kidding :-)
    Good luck with that one :-)



  3. Bob, I would have never guessed :-).

    It is a job I know needs doing. While we are reasonably comfortable in Tucson once I retire there is only the house holding us here and November year could make the decision to leave for us. I don't want to move a ton or so of pig iron especially if the move is out of the country. BTW, there is a great line in a song I listen to often "It's Mexico or Crazy.."

    Right now is the reason to live in Tucson, the mornings are wonderfully cool and crisp, mid-day is perfect for being outside and evenings have beautiful sunsets and are back to being cool and crisp. If MsBubba was here instead of the UK life would be almost perfect.


  4. Steve D9:01 AM

    The blade is too thick on the Clifton and it's too heavy. I'll give you $50 for it.

  5. OK, you say "clean the shop out" for planes, but what about those chisels ... I'm guessing they're exempt :)

  6. Marking gauges, lets not forget about his marking gauges :-)
    Bob, stirring the pot :-)

  7. You guys are too much. Steve I agree the Clifton is too heavy and the cutter too thick but it is a pretty nice plane and the chisels, some are going but you wouldn't want 'em :-).

    You can never have too many marking gauges. If I ever really get around to cleaning the shop everything will be posted here first. All the more reason to stick around :-).

    BTW, if I do decide to really clean out the shop there will be some really nice things mixed in with the junk. I've got just a little over a year to decide.