Friday, October 11, 2019

Spokeshave Sharpening Jig

Spokeshave irons are hard to hold for sharpening. Classic bevel up/tanged irons are really hard to sharpen.

This is not new, others have done the same but here s a jig I made to help hold spokeshave irons.

The thin end will be set up to hold short cutters. I wanted to see if it worked before investing the time to set up for short irons.

It works, the irons are still a PITA to sharpen but the jig makes it easier. I will add the cut out and holes for short irons and clean up the jig to finish it.



  1. I don't have a wooden bodied spokeshave (yet), but it's on the list. Guessing yours was from a Hock kit. Is the principal of the jig pictured above that the bevel is held horizontal when the tail end of the black piece is contacting the bench to make it easier to run a diamond paddle over it? Or do you take the whole thing over to a grinder?

    1. Matt,

      I take the whole thing to the grinder or stones. Most of my wood body shaves are from Dave's Shaves ( They are the best I've found.

      While everyone says bevel up and bevel down shaves have different uses I've yet to find a use that a bevel down shave does better than a bevel up. A wood body bevel up shave is one of the true joys of hand tool wood working. Bevel up not so much.

      If you want to dip a toe in, WoodRiver makes a metal bevel up shave for about $60 USD. It isn't as nice to use as a good wood body but it will give you a taste for little money.

      The sharpening jig is reverse engineered from the photos of Dave's dog bone jig. His is sold out and on back order with no word when they will be back in stock. When it is I have an order in and I expect it will work better than mine.