Sunday, September 29, 2019

Playing with Iron

Well the vise install was a bust. I've put all the wood back in the wood pile and there is no project other than MsBubb's kickwheel pending and the kickwheel build will require a woodstore trip.

Time to work at the sharpening bench. First up was the Steve Voigt double iron coffin smoother. Steve is making some of the best (and maybe only) double iron wood stock planes you can buy and he is a nice guy. If you have any interest in woodies show Steve some love, you will not regret it. Anyway the other day I noticed it was dragging a little and sure enough when I looked at the cutter a couple of spots looked back.

Iron sharp, I usually don't "test" a sharpened iron but the little smoother is such a joy to use I had to take a pass or two. The cut is slightly heavy on the left side but other than that this is how I like a plane to work.

I also dug out a couple of Veritas planes, the old style smoother and the new modular smoother. I really want to love both planes but I can't get past the Norris adjuster. Doesn't mean I will not keep trying but so far no joy. At least their cutters are sharp when I put 'em away.

Of the new Japanese chisels from Stan all are now sharp and ready to work except the two smallest bench chisels. I used one of the larger chisels to split out the tenon cheeks on the vise backer board the other day. A really nice chisel.

Off to Costco to spend my paycheck­čśü,



  1. Great job, Ken! Keep up the good work. I hope the inferno is cooling down a bit. Stan

  2. Stan,

    It has been almost Winter WX here for the last week. I'm sure Summer will return at least one more time before the year is over. Sure has been nice in the shop.

    All the chisels cleaned up nicely and with ease, only one of the push chisels needed more than a pass or two on the back. Now that I've had a chance for metal to meet wood all I can say is a big thanks. I plan on a mortise chisel order in the near future.

    Hope all is well,