Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sunday Bread

With the new bench finished and just putting up "stuff" in the shop I have a little time for life. One of the pleasures is good food and bread is a key building stone of eating well.

Here are two loafs fresh out of the oven:

There are crab cakes waiting to be cooked and MsBubba has asked for "Ranch" fries, those with a fresh green salad should take care of food needs for today.

I posted the new bench for sale in a couple of places today, we will see what happens.



  1. Steve D6:19 PM

    this bread popped up when I was staying up with the dog one night. I never saw the repeat of the episode but the bread looked great. If I remember correctly, it's only made in one part of Portugal.

    The recipe is even in metric, for the forward thinking baker.

    1. Steve,

      If I can find some corn flour I will give it a go. I expect it is as good as it looks, thanks.

      BTW, sometimes the best things happen when you can't sleep and the mind is still.


    2. Steve D10:06 PM

      I never get the two conditions at the same time.

      Pooch is calm at the moment so I'm going to catch some Zs.

      The corn flour is the key to the texture from what they said on the show. I wonder what it would take to further mill corn meal.