Sunday, September 15, 2019

Moravian Workbench For Sale

A recently completed Moravian workbench for sale: $1600 USD FOB Tucson, AZ. 

The bench has a Poplar base with a Beech Slab and a BenchCrafted Classic vise screw with BC crisscross and a Beech chop. It is sized for a smaller shop with slab length 73 1/4" (1860mm), width 14 1/2" (365mm), thickness 3 1/2" (90mm), and the bench is 34 1/4" (860mm) high. The full length tool tray is 11 3/4" (275mm) wide giving a total bench width of 25 1/4" (860mm). The bench has a light coat of Tung oil finish.

The bench has been lightly used, it is very stable and works a treat, the BC vise is especially slick and fast and has the best holding power of any vise I've used. I'm selling this bench and a French/English bench to free up shop room.

A Moravian bench will break down into modules, Each module (with the exception of the lower shelf, four screws) can be taken apart and put back together with no tools other than a hammer or mallet and each is light enough and small enough to be carried by one person, even the slab can be moved without help.

The Moravian bench offers the stability of a much heavier bench like a Roubo and nearly the portability of a Workmate.



  1. Wondering if you still have this bench for sale.

  2. Do you still have this workbench available for sale?