Sunday, December 02, 2018

Trouble With Unplugged Shop

For some reason Unplugged Shop is not refreshing. The last new post was Will Myers on 12/1. I've tried rebooting, Clearing my cache and history. Anyone else having a problem? Is it my computer or is the site just not working?

The new bench is all but finished. The vise is installed, all that is left is making a tool tray and cleaning up all the marks on the base plus I need to install the brass garder and trim the wedges on the chop as well as trim the top of the chop.

Still a bit of fiddling but it is functional. I'll leave the portable bench up for a few more days because I expect the slab will need removing several more times during the clean up

Later I may add ledgers and a bottom shelf and there is some though of a deadman, not likely but the English style apron is really handy and a dead man could almost do the same job.

During the clean up I'll trim the end grain on the slab and make bigger wedges for the tusk tenons and put some dog holes and a stop near the left end


I'm looking forward to putting this sucker to work.



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    1. Thanks Andy,

      The tool tray is in glue up, vise screw garder is installed, parallel guide pin has been made, need to drill a few dog holes, just piddling stuff left to do.

      It's a good thing because I'm ready and my back is more than ready to walk away from it.


  2. unplugged shop is refreshing for me.

  3. Thanks, It has started working. Not a clue why.