Friday, December 07, 2018

Like When I Was Young

And had a new car. I've found myself in the shop just sitting with coffee in hand looking at the new bench and occasionally running my hand over it. I know it will pass but damn she sure is pretty.

I put the bench to use yesterday getting a seat blank true. The seat blank is now true and the bench worked with no problems other than figuring out how to hold the blank. It took a minute or two to work out the needed dogs, doe foot and holdfast placement. Once that bit of butt scratching passed the bench passed its first test with no problems.

She's a keeper.



  1. I think new workbench smell is a good as or better than new car smell. And nothing tops the feeling of looking at something you made and use.

    1. Ralph,

      Ain't that the truth. I just opened up the shop while my morning coffee was brewing and it had the wonderful smell of Danish oil.

      Back in the day when my best friend and I were building workshops, garages, sheds, and such we would spend an hour or two at the end of the day with beer in hand just looking.



  2. Hah, my favorite part of the day: watching and touching what I just build with a beer in hands. My nite time ritual in the shop :-)

    Bob, going to the shop, passing by the mancave for a beer

  3. Bob,

    I guess it is a man thing :-). No need to do anything just a need to make sure all is right. I'm not sure MsBubba understands.