Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Tenon Cutter

Matt asked about the tenon cutter. This one is from Lee Valley and cuts a 12* tenon matching LV's 12* reamer.

After drilling a 5/8" hole in the seat I ream it to size using the LV reamer and a blank test leg (not shown). Then it is turning and fitting the leg tenon to the seat mortise. I start with making a rough tenon on the lathe. A chisel or drawknife would work as well but I expect the lathe is faster.

Roughing the tenon:

Once the tenon is close I do the final fitting with the LV tenon cutter:

It is kinda like using a big pencil sharpener.

I suspect if I had decent turning skills the tenon would/could fit directly off the lathe. I don't so the tenon cutter is a feel good tool.

I will not have time to finish the stools before leaving for Houston but the parts are ready for final clean up and assembly. I'll have a bench and a working set of tools with me to finish the job and/or split another couple of seats.

Houston, kids (I guess I shouldn't call them kids they have been productive adults for a long time now), grandpeanuts, good Mexican food, BBQ, and Vietnamese to follow along with driving TBMRITS (I-10 The Best Motorcycle Road In The States) about 18 hours each way. When I did my 50 CC Ironbutt ride from San Diego to Jacksonville it only took a little over 40 hours and that included rest stops. It is a long way to Houston and most of it is in Texas. Life doesn't get much better.



  1. Thanks for that, Ken. Looks like a nice tool - I had looked at LV's website and think I saw the same tool.

    On a side note, Summer of '83 I drove from Florida to California with a friend. We stopped in Houston to see a friend and continued the next day. I was stunned that we didn't even get out of Texas by the end of the day (got to El Paso)!! OK, we probably didn't get the earliest start that day, but that is one big wide state!

  2. Matt,

    Back in the day most "filling stations" had a postcard rack and one of the cards said on the front "The Sun has rize and the Sun has set and here we is in Texas yet." Just under 900 sm from Orange to Anthony on I-10 and I can tell you every one of 'em is there. :-)


  3. So its true, everything is bigger in Texas? :-)
    Have a save trip and enjoy family and friends.
    Pst dont forget 22nd :-)

    Bob, who turned 62 today

    1. Baby :-). Congrats on making it that far.