Thursday, December 13, 2018

Three Leg Stool

MsBubba decided I needed to make a pair of stools for the boy child and the SIL's Solstice gift. Of course that was announced the day before yesterday and we leave for Houston Friday week*. It's doable if I make staked stools and the legs do not take too long to form. I like octagon legs on staked furniture but being old, slow, and not liking to be over a plane more than an hour or so before taking a long break. Making the needed six legs could take a couple or three days to form because I'm working right up to the time we leave. I could turn 'em but boring.

Machines to the rescue. I made a jig, simular the one I use to form the legs with a plane, to hold the leg blanks so I could run 'em through the planer. A day for the glue to dry on the jig and a hour running the six blanks through the planer and I have six octagon legs that just need five or ten minutes on the lathe to turn the tenon.

The jig:

The completed legs:

An hour or so drilling the mortises. A couple or three more fitting, wedging, and cleaning up and those suckers will be finished. An ataboy from MsBubba? Not a chance it is just expected :-).


*Texan for the Friday a week from the coming Friday.



  1. Clever and you are right, NO attaboys due, it was just as expected :-)

    Been there done that :-)

    Bob, who is supposed to be working on something or other??

    1. Bob,

      It is good to be woman. But then as a very wise neighbor once told me "Mr Ken it is not good for a man to be without Senorita." I have to agree.

      Not long until the New Year and MsBubba's retirement.