Monday, November 05, 2018


Please vote tomorrow if you have not already voted.

When I checked the stretcher blanks this AM one was a little off square. I'm not sure how it happened but whatever, MsBubba to the rescue. We ran it through the joiner one more time. It will be slightly smaller than the other but no big deal as each is individually fitted to its leg assembly and the stretcher mortise needs to be loose with about 6mm-10mm of vertical play.

For the most part the legs are marked out, I just have to look at them for awhile, long enough to "see", as Don Juan put it in "Don Juan a Yagui way of Knowledge", before I make the first cut.



  1. Anonymous11:33 PM

    option 1.:the economy is at the service of humanity.
    option 2.:the humanity is at the service of economy.

  2. Sylvian,

    This may be the most important election I've voted in my life. I'd add one more option....Eat a pistol.

    BTW, just to add another factor once temps reach about 54* C and above life outdoors is impossible for more than about 30 minutes without supplemental cooling. Here in Southern Arizona we have occasionally hit 52*C and it is happening more often.

    If folks live in the States there is no excuse for not voting this go around. The world depends on it.