Friday, November 23, 2018

Last Post Of The Day

It has been a productive shop day.  All the long stretcher tendons are fitted to their leg mortises. The two top stretchers are fitted to legs I and II and I've cut the dovetails on leg I and II's lower stretcher. Tomorrow I'll cut the dovetail socketts in legs I and II and fit the lower stretcher.

Legs III and IV will follow. It would be great if I can glue up the base units Sunday.

The front base unit:

BTW, the top stretcher is Beech, the middle Sapelle, and the bottom is Honey Locust. No reason for the different woods other than they are what was in my wood pile and are strong and heavy. This sucker will come apart to move but it ain't going to be portable.

My body is letting me know no mas, no mas. It's whisky and Ibuprofen time.



  1. Anonymous1:42 AM

    In a earlier post you have written:
    "When I first started making Moravian benches I thought the three different joints on the base was an affection, maybe even showing off but after living with several benches I've come to appreciate the thought that went into and utility of the joints"
    Could you develop this? Why 3 rails instead of 2 and why different joints?
    Here is what I have come up with.
    The upper joint being a bridle joint is not as strong as tenon and mortise. So the upper rail primary function is being the top bearer.
    The dovetail joint allows dragging the bench on the ground without the joint coming apart (rear leg left behind). If one consider the middle rail mortise and tenon as a pivot, the upper rail act also to prevent the spreading of the legs when dragging the bench on the ground.

    1. Sylvan,

      Your analysis is along my thinking. A M/T for the upper rail doesn't bring anything to the table and is more work to make than a bridle. Like you said its function is as a bearer. The middle joint is the "workhorse" of the three and you want the strongest joint possible, a thru M/T. The bottom dovetail like the top bridle is a work saver. A dovetail is easier and faster to cut than a M/T but as is better at preventing spreading of the legs. That's my take, I could be full of it but....