Saturday, November 24, 2018

First Glue Up

The forward, #1 and #2 legs, base unit is glued up and in clamps. Tomorrow I'll fit the stretchers to the aft base unit and hopefully get it in glue up and clamps. If that happens, Monday morning I'll put that sucker together and mark off the tusk tenon mortises and start chopping 'em.

Fun stuff to go. Blind pegging the top rails and slab. Making the vise backer and installing it. Making the vise chop, parallel guide, and mounting the vise.

The base is a couple /three mm out of squire but most important is in perfect wind. The left dovetail didn't pull up completely on glue up. I'm not sure why, it fit perfectly on the dry fit and there is a small gap at the bottom of the right upper brindle joint. All of which I can live with.

Not only can I smell the barn, I have it in sight just on the horizon.



  1. Looking good
    You got me convinced, my next bench should be a Morovian.
    Coming sometime in the new year

    Bob, the eternal optimist

  2. Thanks Bob,

    You will not regret it. The bench is as stable as a Roubo and cost less to build because it does not need massive timbers to achieve that stability. Of course the thicker and heavier the slab is, to a point, is good on either bench.

    I'll be watching for the build,