Friday, November 23, 2018

More Moravian Bench

I'm back at it this AM with sawing out the tenons on the back long stretcher and fitting the base legs. So far it is going well, I made a small mistake chopping the stretcher tenons in I didn't make them long enough. Unlike most M/T joints these need to be loose and I chopped 'em a little tight in length. It is an easy fix, just take 3mm or so off the bottom of the mortise. Of the first two fitted, one needed the fix. I'll soon know about the last two.

Sawing the tenon:

Sawing the shoulder:

On to cleaning up the tenons and shoulders before testing the fit.

BTW, this is the first time I've used the Bad Axe crosscut panel saw. Nice saw. Worth the money? Good question, whatever it sure is pretty.

I want to add, the photos are out of order. I sawed the shoulders first. That way when you hit the line the waste will fall off.



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  2. Just found your blog after doing a search in sawmill creek for the Moravian bench. This new bench looks a little less portable than the original! I'm sure I could find it if kept digging into your blog posts, but what thickness did you decide to use for the top of the portable bench? You used beech, right? I have a cheap supply of soft maple that I think I would like to use for mine, but soft maple is surprisingly heavy! I think Will Meyers did a 2.5" top in yellow pine in the article I read, but I was thinking about doing more like 3". Just wondering if the slab is going to end up too heavy to move? I rent right now, so will definitely have to move it at some point in the future. The frame will be construction lumber to his dimensions.