Monday, July 16, 2018

Slab Glue Up

I've started gluing up the slab. Because of the weight and size the 10 slats will be glued up 2 at a time. Once I have 5 sets of doubled slats I'll glue 2 of the doubled slats together to make the two sides of the slab and then finally use the remaining doubled slat to tie the two sides together. It will take longer but reference surface clean up will be easier and I will only have to deal with the full weight of the slab and a smaller reference surface clean up at the end. Doing it this way will also allow use of the machines with the exception of the last reference surface clean up. Once all the glue ups are together I will have to do the final reference surface clean up by hand but the top of the slab can be cleaned up and dimensioned with the planner. I expect I'll find a friend to help with the final passes through the planer. Hopefully a little single malt or some Jack will be enough to entice.

As I lay the slats out for glue up I check for grain direction and mark with an arrow. You may be able to see the arrow in this photo:

Next is about a 1/3 bottle of glue and clamp those suckers together, then walk away for a few hours:

Click 'em to big 'em.

In the background are the other 6 slats waiting their turn, One set is out of the clamps. It's slow going but for the most part easier on the back.

BTW, if it all fails and things get cattywompus I've 25mm to play with before reaching my desired minimum slab thickness. 



  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Marking the grain direction is a clever idea. Will help if the top needs flattening over the years.


  2. Holy cows that is going to be one thick slab... but why not?

    Bob, getting ready for my next burn at 7pm

  3. Joe,

    I always try to remember to do it but sometimes in the rush of glue up I forget. This time with a less frantic procedure it is pretty easy to do.


    1. Bob,

      Old Roubo habits die hard. :-) Because this isn't meant to be portable, just able to break down for moving, the extra thickness and weight will help anchor the bench. Depending on how wide the 12/4 Ash ends up the legs could be as much as 12/4X5". I expect it to be solid.


  4. Well in that case Ken, I would recommend at least a D12 aircraft mule to move that sucker :-)

    Bob, whose license to drive those thingy is expired, damn!