Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Outer Slabs

One outer slab is out of the clamps and one is in until I return from my AM Sim. Those suckers are getting heavy, or at least they seem to to this OF. Truth is they are slightly less than 70 lbs. each.

This afternoon I'll join the two outer slabs with the middle slats to complete the bench top. Tomorrow I've asked a friend over for whisky and a little help running the joined slab through the planer to finish it off.

Now I just need to get my hands on the 12/4 Ash to start the base. I would like to finish before the Oregon trip but who knows, depends on the Ash and vise screw.

One glued up outer slab and one ready for glue up:

MsBubba leaves tomorrow for Houston to "help out" with the new Grandpeanut. The dogs and I will be without adult supervision for a few days. Extra dog biscuits for all and I might be able to have a big bowl of sticky rice :-).



  1. Hi Ken
    Sounds like you, Maggie and Sam are in for a couple of fine days :-)
    Perhaps a bit of pulled pork or a couple of sausages would also be worth considering?

  2. Jonas,

    Yep we kick it out, Maggie gets to come in after a swim without my drying her off, Sam just gets to be a pain with no one fussing at him. Me, I can eat the things I like with out the evil eye. Of course by next Thursday we will all be ready for some adult supervision :-).