Sunday, July 15, 2018

Pre-WWII Marple Chisels

For awhile I've chased pre-WWII Marples chisels. That quest may be over. I've a full set of Boxwood handled firmer chisels, a near full set of Boxwood handled paring/pattern maker chisels and gouges, and today I whipped out the AmEx to pay for 10 beautiful Boxwood handled beveled edge chisels all pre-war.

If I could find a set of Ash London pattern handle firmer or bevel edge pre-war chisels I would buy but I feel no need to look. A stumble across would be nice but...

Photos when they arrive from U.K.


  1. At that rate, you will definitively need more and bigger chisels racks for sure :-)
    Now you need another full set in a London pattern handle...

    Bob, running and ducking snowballs (???)

  2. Bob,

    I think what I will do for now is pull a Ralph and make boxes for the chisels. Only difference the boxes will be for the ones I do not use. Dumb I know but what the hell, I'm a West Texas farm boy and sound like it therefore the I.Q. can't be over 80.

    The London pattern have been so rare I'm not even going to look.