Thursday, November 03, 2016

LED Lights

MsBubba's studio has lights. For awhile I had doubts I would be typing that line any time soon. We celebrated the completion by sitting in the studio with Whisky and Wine while a great thunderstorm complete with pea hail raged around Casa Chaos.

I ran two 20 amp circuits with a total of eight outlets and a 15 amp circuit with 3 outlets for the lights. She is happy, you can't have a much better outcome.

BTW, LED's time has arrived, I found 4' LED shop lights at Costco for less than $30 USD. Not only do LEDs last longer and use less power they put out noticeable more light. Costco had replacement bulbs for my standard 4' shop lights for <$14 USD a pair. So in addition to putting LED's in MsBubba's studio I changed the bulbs in my shop lights and added an additional LED fixture over the planing bench.

The additional light sure looks good to these old worn out eyes.

Next up is a slow change out of all the house lights as LED lights become available.



  1. I put those LED shop lights from Costco in my shop when they were having a sale and was amazed at the difference they made. More light and better light. One of the things I like about them is that you can plug them into each other in a string.

  2. Hi Ken,
    good things will take its time :-)
    I have replaced all my shop lights with LED a few month ago and I don't regret having done it. Consistent light color, better light distribution and less heat in the shop.


  3. LEDs are an amazing technology. Slowly but surely been converting over to them as well.

    To put things in perspective, recently I purchased a screw in shop light. It has the brightness output of four 100 watt light bulbs (which would draw 400 watts) yet is uses ONLY 20 or 25 watts of power. Simply amazing.

  4. Been hearing lots of good comments on these COSTCO LED Shoplight, so bought two to try. About CDN $32
    Throughout the house most light bulbs have already been replaced by LEDs, even the dimming chandeliers.

    Bob, who has inventoried 114 bulbs throughout the house and outside