Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Odds and Ends

I'm back working....The suits are crazy. So what else is new.

MsBubba wanted to add parking space in front of the house. As always the answer is "Yes dear".

I had 10 tons of rock delivered yesterday. Of course everything had to be moved to make room. Here is almost 10 tons of rock, some of it has already been moved to the area beside the house.

Exciting isn't it. 

Here is some of the rock spread beside the house.

And Mark from the backside removing an Agave for transplant out of the expanded driveway.

And finally something almost woodworking. Several years ago MsBubba carried home a metal chair  from one of her dumpster diving adventures. The frame has taken up room in the shop for all that time while I occasionally tried to figure out how to make a seat. Anyway I got around to doing it a couple of weeks ago,  Cypress slats with screws through the metal rails. Looks better than I expected and is surprisingly comfortable. 

Sam the Wonder Dog is on his favorite patio chair and the motorcycle trailer is there until I finish spreading gravel. BTW, if anyone wants/needs a good motorcycle trailer this one is for sale as I no longer have a motorcycle or ride.



  1. Have any problems with anyone messing with your rocks? Such as stealing them or rearranging them like a crop circle design?

  2. Ralph,

    After today, I moved about 4 tons of the rocks a shovel at a time, I would almost pay someone to mess with my rocks. I'm getting too old to do it, the back is crying for whisky and ibuprofen and there is still about 6 tons to go. That's the bad, the good is tomorrow I will have some help.


  3. Golden Labs make the best shop dogs.

  4. Hi Ken,
    nice "little" side project.
    Hope you will bear all the pain.

    All the best,

  5. Stefan, you should be able to hear my groan from your shop :-).

    Andy, especially when he knows the rawhide bones are kept in the shop.

    I'm back at it this AM but may not last long. As Ralph would say, my shoulder is singing to me this morning.