Monday, November 21, 2016

Front Garden and Parking Finished

As with most things at Casa Chaos work expands. What was planed as a two day job took six. Whatever, the front garden and parking are finished and I have new rocks to yell at the kids to "get off'".

We removed a row of prickly pear along the curb and moved several other plants to make room for parking and graveled both the motorhome's parking place and the new parking area. As I posted the other day we had10 tons of gravel delivered. I had figured 8 tons were needed but the delivery was free for 10 tons. I figured I'd find some use for the extra 2 tons. Turns out I needed all ten to finish up the front garden and motorhome area.

Anyway photos of the new rocks:



  1. Very cool front garden design... and not a blade of grass to mow! One advantage of living near a desert I suppose... that and a lack of snow :-)

    Bob, who should stop procrastinating and move the snowblower from the shed to the garage...sigh!

  2. Thanks Bob,

    No lawn mowers, snow blowers, or trips to the garden center. About the only downside is the three or four months of the summer and that isn't really a downside when spent with the delicious MsBubba and martinis in the pool.

    Mark did a great job on the yard, I just gave general direction and he did the rest. I did move a few tons of rock, and my back let me know to not do it, but for the most part I just signed the check. I may be able to find a 'before' photo, if I can I will post it later.


    P.S. Be careful moving snow around, it can kill.

  3. Hi Ken

    I never realized how big that motorhome was until now.
    That thing is huge. It is larger than the school bus that takes our youngest to school every morning.

    You also seem to get a lot less mud in the driveway than we do. another benefit of a dry climate.


  4. Jonas,

    LOL, This is a small one...In fact I had to look a long time to find one this small, most diesel pushers are close to 40' long. That's not saying it is small but just relatively small.

    Some of the nice things about the desert are no breakup in the Spring, no snow to speak of, and yard work is minimum. But then everything in the desert either sticks, bites, or stings, nothing is soft and cuddly, not even the people :-).