Saturday, October 29, 2016

Another Day of Pulling Wire

Thirteen more days to go before I'm back in the monkey suit with a Sim strapped to my ass and I spent it pulling wires. I wish I could say today was the end but I'll still be working on MsBubba's studio's lighting tomorrow.

My shop is back to useable shape and I even found the Cherry table top I put in a "safe" place before doing the shop and electrical work. The "safe" place was really safe, I like to never found the top. Anyway, once I finish with the studio lighting it is back to my shop and I hope to finish the Oak and Cherry side table before going back to work.

Photos to follow and more when I have more,



  1. Looking forward to the photos. Y'know, I've read this blog for a while and it's still not clear in my head if you HATE your job or LOVE your job. I don't get the sense that there's any wishy-washy middle ground.

  2. Paul,

    You are very astute. Truth is I love my job, the suits drive me crazy and there is more of it than when I started but once the Sim door is closed the suits and everything else goes away.

    A good part of the reason I love the job is while there is a basic structure to each Simulator secession it is more like Jazz than a set piece. I start each secesssion with a set of city pairs and list of systems I want to look at but 80% of the time it all goes out the window with starting the first engine. Then it is off to the races and a matter of following where the clients lead.

    About the only boring thing about the job is giving check rides because they are set pieces, Kabukai theater if you will, you know the outcome within the first 15 minutes but you have to check every box and today checking all the boxes takes around 3 hours.

    Bottom line, if I were still young enough to fly that is what I would be doing but my job is a great way to end a wonderful career and it gives me a chance to give back to the industry to "pay it forward". Flying let a dumb old West Texas farm boy see the world and do things I never could have any other way. Sometime I have to watch myself because when talking about life and things I've seen and done it sounds like B.S., no one could have done all that.

    It has been and is a great life.

    Sorry for the long answer, never could give someone the time without....