Friday, October 14, 2016

Best of The Best

Like many big companies mine has an "reward" weekend where they bring the "Best of The Best" worker bees to the head quarters for a dinner and a "grip and grin" with the CEO. If you hang around long enough it will be your time in the barrel.

Well it is my time to waste a weekend. The best you can hope for is to not step on your dick too many times and get out of there before anyone knows your name.

Back Sunday,



  1. Bob,

    Thanks, as I expect you know those things ain't "fun". Keep your head low, walk around with a "drink" in hand and never say what you are thinking. Made it home yesterday, Whisky, pool, and the delightful MsBubba made it all better.

    BTW, did the "grip and grin" and had a better meal than expected. We were 44 out of almost 2,000 instructors from around the world and I must give the company credit, they did not scrimp.


  2. There you go wasn't all bad :-) Yes, I do know very well about these things...:-)