Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Voigt Jack

I'm almost through prepping the panels for the tool chest build. Steve Voigt send me a new Jack, it arrived just in time to help with the panels. What a sweet plane, While I used the ECE Try for some of the prep, most of the grunt work was done by the PhillyPlane Jack and Steve's Jack. with final smoothing done with Steve's Smoother. The PhillyPlane Jack has a lot of camber, just slightly less than the ECE scrub, Steve's came with almost perfect camber for a Jack. Working the three of 'em made getting the panels ready for dovetailing a piece of cake.

I made an unforced error cutting one of the panels to final size and left a big honking knot right in the dovetail line. Can you say "Condor Tail" to work around the knot. Anyway here are the three on the final panel, from left to right the PhillyPlane Jack, Steve's Jack. and Steve's Smoother:

One more of the three:

If you have any interest in using wood stock planes you need to act fast while the wait time for a new Steve Voigt plane is reasonable. As far as I know Steve is the only maker making classic double iron planes. It is too long a subject to go into tonight/this morning but that is a very good reason to buy one of his planes as is the fact they are beautifully made and are a joy to use right out of the box.

Sam the Wonder Dog has recovered and is back to his old self, demanding treats and scratches. He had me worried for a couple of days as he is getting older. Here is a photo of MsBubba and Sam on the day he followed me home from the dog pound in 2010, a true pound puppy. BTW, you have to question how he ended up in the pound, he was almost perfectly trained, healed like a show dog and knew most of the standard commands, it was love at first sight.

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  1. Hi Ken,
    nice looking plane.
    I have to dive into wooden planes a bit more.

  2. What a sweetie. Please give him a treat for me.