Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Tool Chest

I know I'm a broken record but....Work is crazy, I'm in the middle of 13 days in a row. We are going to have a come to Jesus meeting soon and if they can not give some reasonable assurance that the abuse will stop I'm going part time.  I hate to do it because I still enjoy my job and feel I'm returning some of the investment others made in me when I first started flying....Enough kvetching, on to something at least interesting to me and maybe to you.

The boss aka sweetie pie, bunny rabbit, light of my life, and even more important SWMBO has been on my case to make a tool chest and small work bench to carry when we go RVing. She has noticed after a couple of days of sitting in an RV park I'm ready to be back in the shop. There is only so much beer, whisky and tacos a man can enjoy at one time. Usually it is a couple or three days for me. Anyway that is the back story.

Today I had a couple of spare minutes and used them to prep some cypress for the tool chest. It is rough dimensioned and stickered.  I'll give the wood a couple of days to settle and then cut to final dimensions and clean up any stupid wood tricks.

The outside of the chest will be approximately 600mm X 900mm X  600mm. Here is a photo of the stickered wood. If you squint you might be able to see a tool chest or maybe not.


  1. Hi Ken,
    great idea to take the tools with you during holiday.
    I will think about that :-). Guess my honey will not be convinced that easy.

  2. Could not agree more Ken, only so much beer and etc then...
    She Who Must Be Obey is right, get cracking :-)

    Years ago I had a small tote that I carried between my room on base and the Wood hobby shop across the street. It worked except I quickly outgrown it.
    I am still struggling to fit my must have minimalist kit into my small antique joiner chest.
    BTW when I first google your Metric dimension I put in CM instead of MM and got a chest 29ft and 6 in 21/64 (900 Cm) long so should be big enough!
    Just how big is that RV of yours anyway? Is it going to be tow behind :-)

    Bob, still Metric challenged