Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sawing The Tails

We made it back from Fort Davis/Big Bend, Texas Monday evening. Close to a perfect trip length, about 600 miles, an easy one day drive. Easy for me though MsBubba may be warming up to the idea of a Class A motorhome.

I've early AM shows at work all week so progress will still be slow on the tool box/work bench. I did get the tail boards sawn and most of the pin waste removed. The pin sockets are ready to be cleaned. BTW, what a PITA big panels are to work. Here are a few photos of the tail boards.

Tail board marked out:

Sawing the tails:

Most of pin waste removed:

Most of the time I do not saw out the waste. On smaller projects it is just as fast to chop but on panels this large I go for a "turning" saw to remove most of the waste.

I received a box with four saws from Mike Allen last Thursday just as we were walking out the door for Fort Davis. I didn't have time to open the box and look at the saws until yesterday, the saws were very well packed. After unpacking the four, I used the 8ppi x-cut to saw the end off a hunk of 8/4 Cherry that was handy. What a great saw, more with photos when I have time.



  1. From time to time it is impossible to find enough time for a project.
    Maybe such a situation allows to think through a project a bit more.
    Curious to see the saws.


  2. Stefan,

    One thing is for sure, I've plenty of time to think through the project :-). My guess, all that thinking will not help much.

    I was going to make some glamor shots of the saws after work today but too many other things were in the line up, maybe tomorrow. I did get most of the pin sockets cleaned up on one board this AM so some tool box progress is being made.

    I haven't seen a post recently, how is the bench coming?


  3. Hi Ken,
    there was an actual post on Wednesday. Feel free to have a look.
    I'm shortly before assembly. I have to clear out my actual workspace.
    So in the next days I will make some steps forward.