Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Wow, Just Wow

 Heat in Canada, can you believe 118F.

By shear luck we are parked in one of the few places in the West were the Temps are livable. We were originally booked to spend the month of June in Rouge River State Park just outside Medford, Oregon where it was well over 100F over the weekend. I'm not sure how hot the weekend was here but it was very comfortable both day and night. Just over the front range a totally different story.

Over the weekend Cape Lookout State Park had to close the day use area before noon and only let in new folks as others left. Many Oregon homes do not have AC and the only good options are to head for the coast or a hotel. 

It may be time to sell the Tucson house while we can.



  1. Yap, the times are a changing. Here the real estate market can only be describes as crazy. Prices are going thru the roof. Many are selling to cash in, but...wait a minute you are going to have to live somewhere else... for how much??
    The logic escape me at times...
    In no rush to sell before probably the next 10 years or so tnne move in somewhere to look after us :-)


    1. Bob,

      Our house problem is a empty house with a pool and two autos out front. a lot of money and decay with no benefit if we end up full or near full time Camp Hosting. As it is this year by the time we return to Tucson the house will have been empty for over half the year.

      Some folks can have a couple of houses that are unused but I'm too tight and not rich enough to do it :-).

      But bottom line, it sure is nice to spend the summer cool and comfortable and not spend a lot of money doing it.


  2. The trend around here, for the last ten years or so is to built permanent small residences with storage in a specially developed park for Snowbirds. In season you can stay and enjoy the amenities (pool and etc) or go away with your RV and out of season, you park it at your site and have a small accommodation to have a base camp.
    Solve both problem of storage for your RV and not having a big empty house.
    There may be something similar in your area??

    Bob, who will be transitioning off as the past president of my Rotary club this morning.