Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Camp Host Gig

I'm not sure how other states approach volunteer Camp Hosts but with Oregon it is a pretty formal process with background checks and lots of online learning. Once on the job each State Campground sets the job as needed for that Campground.

Our current assignment is Park Maintenance and cleaning Yurts after use. I have a nice "Zero Radius" mower to ride and the Yurt cleaning is about 15 minutes per. We usually spend 3 to 4 hours a day piddling at both jobs. One thing stands out, about  95% of the campers leave the camp sites and Yurts as found, the other 5% or so not so much.

One of the major reasons I did not bring the workbench this time was the time needed for Camp Host duties, it was a smart move. The Host duties take just enough time to care for boredom but not enough to be a problem and the social life among the Hosts is very nice.

For folks of a certain age (retired) it is a great deal. First, you get a prime campsite with full hookups for the duration of your hosting duties plus free sites while in-route. One of the big problems with RV'ing is both the cost and availability of parking places. Last Summer we had to move sites every second or third day and a few times every day even while remaining in the same campground. While changing sites in a motorhome is easy compared to other RV's it is still a PITA.

Bottom line there is a chance we may become "full timers" and as one of the hosts put it "follow 60F to 70F WX around the States", camp hosting where we can. If you enjoy social life and do not want the solitude of Boondocking, Camp Hosting can be a cheaper way to full time RV living. 

See you guys on down the road,



  1. This is great opportunity to stay in such lovely place, did not know this was possible. Hopefully will find something that way when I will be retired!
    Take care.


    1. Lionel,

      I didn't know about it until a little over a year ago when we started thinking about retirement and talking to the on duty hosts about what they do.

      The work required is minimum and it cuts living expenses to the bone. Plus as stated you get a good full hookup campsite that is yours for as long as you host that State Park.

      Start a year or so early working with the State Parks agency to get on the list of approved Hosts. It takes a little work to get in but once in and proved reliable finding spots is easy. As an example our 4 months has now been extended to 6 months with Nov. and Dec.in a place MsBubba wanted to stay added on. At the rate places are added we may never get back to Tucson :-).