Saturday, June 26, 2021

Maggie and Cape Meares

 While Portland, Oregon is forecast to be over 100F over the next few days, on the coast not too far West the WX is cool and close to perfect. Here is a photo of the coast to the North side of Cape Meares from close to the Lighthouse.

Maggie loves it here with daily walks on the beach. Her favorite activity is retrieving rocks from tide pools. 


She is showing her age, this my be her last rodeo.  Where before she could retrieve 10 lb rocks now about the heaviest is 4 or 5 lbs. Whatever she is having a great time and we are enjoying her joy. 

MsBubba and I got a kick out of a "heat advisory" for Pacific City when the forecast high for the day is 77F.



  1. This is a really beautiful place,scenery is spectacular!
    I am pretty sure Maggie enjoy fresh marine air.
    Up here temp was 42C today, I love to work outside from my backyard ddk but this is too much for me, I had to retreat to my basement office.
    I need to work with epoxy resin for some work on my boat but at that temperature it is barely possible. Well this gives me an excuse to postpone the work 😀

    Enjoy and take care!

    1. Lionel,

      It realty is in a beautiful setting, but then most of the Oregon coast is spectacular. My understanding is it is still over 38C once inland but I'm just back from a walk with Maggie and with the wind it was chilly even with a couple of layers and a rain jacket on.

      I'm good at finding reasons not to do something :-). Too hot is a good one.



  2. Good to see Maggie enjoying herself and I am sure, you two also :-)
    Here we are having record breaking heat, in the 40s in some unexpected locations.
    New normal?? Maybe years from now in the winter people will be flying up north to escape the cold in the south ? :-)

    Bob, who tank god for Carrier's invention of the modern AC units

    1. Bob,

      It is hard to believe >40C temps in Canada, I know it is happening but...

      Problem with AC is the heat has to go somewhere but Tucson would barely exist without it. Swamp coolers work in the desert except when they don't (monsoon season).