Monday, August 06, 2018

Tormek SE-77

Simple changes can make big differences. In my love/hate relationship with the T-7 sharpening system most of the hate came from the SE-76 jig. It would not handle thick irons or ones without parallel sides and if anything was out of alinement you just had to live with it. In addition it was (almost) impossible to camber an iron.

The new SE-77 jig addresses almost all of those difficulties. Best of all it makes putting a camber on your cutters very easy. Here is one of my Jack plane's iron fresh off the Tormek.

Most of the time I do not grind but this iron had a couple of deep chips and after few minutes on a 120 grit diamond plate and no real progress it was off to the Tormek. As you can see a nice smooth camber and was quick and easy. Also it gives a very good base for sharpening by hand until I do another deep chip.

For some time I've had one green eye and one red with the Tormek. Stop/Go, sell it or not. The Se-77 changed all that, it would be a hard job to pry it out of my cold dead hands now.



  1. My one complaint has been that I can't set a square edge to a given side if the blade's sides are not completely parallel. Other than that, I love my tormek.

    1. Scott,

      The SE-77 lets you fix that problem. It is an easy adjustment.