Sunday, August 05, 2018

New Welsh Stick Chair for The Grandpeanut

The boy child and his wife just had a new grandpeanut, a girl type named Abby Ray. She's a cute little sucker but I guess all grandparents say the same. Anyway the first grandpeanut isn't much of a peanut anymore. They grow fast.

With two of 'em they need another chair for the table and chair set I made a couple of years ago. I started on it this morning. This one will be a small Welsh stick chair. What I expect will happen is the old chair and table will be passed down to Abby Ray and sometime in the next year I will make a new table and a couple more chairs for Levi that are a little larger than the current ones.

Here are a couple of photos drilling the mortises for the legs.

Down the sight line:

The resultant:

Click 'em to big 'em.

I've really starting to like building vernacular furniture and even better I like looking at and using the builds. As a hand tool wood worker stick chairs, staked tables, and boarded chests just fit my house and my eye.



  1. I have a welsh stick chair on the radar screen. I really liked the one I sat in at CS's place in Kentucky. I am slowly reading my way through the book now.

  2. Ralph,

    This will be my first stick chair. I've built staked tables and stools and best I can tell the only difference is the rear and front leg mortises have different angles.


  3. Must try that someday... Welcome back home.

    Bob, back home since friday nite

  4. Bob,

    While travel is great, there is no place like home :-). Finished your three turns around your nest yet?