Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Ten Pounds In A Five Pound Box

In the never ending quest the move the deck chairs, to fit the ten pounds in a five pound box, I shoved the machines around the shop this morning.

A couple of things set me off. First the band saw and the planer are my most used machines and both had restricted movement areas. So all the sweating and huffing was to clear up the work space around the band saw and the planer. Also I expect to replace the Ricon bandsaw with a 18" Powermatic the next time the Powermatic's go on sale. If that happens, the table saw may go away fixing some of the space problem.

A couple photos of the new arrangement. Dust collection and electrical are not hooked up yet because I want live with the placement for a bit first.

I hate to give the table saw away but it is used very little and it takes needed space. The shame is if it is sold I might be able to take MsBubba out for a good dinner on the sale, maybe.



  1. Funny had to do similar today in order to replace both windows in my garage. Move 15 pounds to fit inside that bottom less 5 pounds bag...

    Temp went up to 37 before humidex, its nice to be able to open the windows without having to fight with them :-)

    Bob, sweating buckets

  2. Bob,

    The last couple of weeks have been over 40*C even as high as 45*C. Yesterday driving home after work the truck showed 43*C, not much work is done after 1000. Add in Monsoon and it doesn't cool that much at night, it has been a rough Summer even for this desert rat.

    Is the 15 pounds back in place or does it have a new home after the window install?


  3. Nope Ken, have not yet relocated the 20 pounds bag stuff, will use the new found space (oh look i do have a floor!!) To clean up a bit.

    Bob, who feels like your temps made it my way