Monday, August 13, 2018

One Key Installed One To Go

One key in place, working on second:

Once the second key is glued in I'll clean up the seat and fit, wedge, and glue the legs in place. If I can find a few free moments this week the chair will be finished. Only problem, finding those few free moments matching up with a shop cool enough to work in.



  1. Probably a tad overkill, but heh, that never stopped me before :-)
    Should be done in no time ....

    Bob, having his forehead licked by Rudy, apparently im sweating :)

    1. Bob,

      Always been a belts and suspenders kind of guy. Maybe not to hold my pants up but my Dad taught me if a little bit was good a whole lot more was better. Of course he wasn't always right but it still stuck.

      Yeah, this summer has been brutal. We leave in a couple weeks for the PNW hoping for cooler WX and maybe not too much smoke.


  2. Sounds like our Dad’s were of a similar mind :-)
    And their lessons to us sure stuck... 🤓

    Bob, scratching Rudy, sipping coffee, typing on my IPad, planning my next project (getting off the couch) and etc. Multitasking or what? :-)

  3. There are a record numbers of forest fire raging in British Columbia right now, must surely be smokee in the PNW? Doubts they will all be out in a couple weeks, but wind changes....

    Here’ s hoping you find fair winds in Your travels

    Bob, getting off the couch... need a refill :-)