Saturday, July 01, 2017

Photobucket Sucks Pond water

I've used Photobucket to host my blog photos from the get go back in 2005. Yesterday Photobucket issued new terms of service which does not allow third site publishing of my images. They, Photobucket, only want $399 USD per year for that privilege.

Long story short I've used Photobucket because when I started this blog Blogger would not allow uploads directly from my computer. Blogger does now and Photobucket can go suck pond water. It was a PITA to deal with anyway.

I can't tell if Photobucket wiped 12 years of photos off the blog, when I checked some of the early posts the photos are still available. I doubt I will republish all the blog's photos but there will be some going back and updating. What a PITA.



  1. Other people have posted the same problem with them. But most of them said that all their previous photos were removed. $400 seems a bit on the steep side for 3rd party postings. Maybe it's their way of getting rid of the small fish in the pond.

  2. Hi Ken


    That is outrageous.
    In the start I used Picasaweb Which is Googles sort of picture organizer. But then I discovered that I didn't have to first put the pictures there before adding them to the blog.
    I actually think that my blog pictures end back on the Picasaweb once I have published them on the blog- though I am not completely sure about it.

    I just checked a post of yours from 2010, and it still had pictures.
    It was about some 50 CC ride across the USA. Now I suspect that 50 CC in USA is a lot different from 50 CC in Europe :-)


  3. 50cc ride across the USA ?? yah, probably a Typo :-)
    I was wondering why your pics were on photobucket, mine go directly on blogger but I discovered that they archived them on Picassa (Google product)

    US $400 is highway robbery, wonder who made that bright call at Photobucket??

    I did notice yesterday that some of your recent post had a broken photo icon on them :-(

    Bob, amazed at the stupidity, or is that greed? of these idiots!

  4. Just checked again this time they have a stupid graphic asking you to upgrade instead of your pics...?%$@#*(

    Maybe its their own version of ransomware??!! :-)


  5. Ralph,

    All I used photobucket for was to host my blog photos. They are still on Photobucket and I will slowly bring 'em to a blog folder on the desktop. Again a PITA but....They did get ride of me so I guess it worked.


  6. Jonas,

    The 50 CC is an Iron Butt Association ride that takes you from the east or west coast to the opposite coast in less than 50 hours. It sounds impressive but the reality is it one of the easier rides. IIRC I finished mine in something like 44 hours and that included a couple of stops at the Iron Butt Motel (quick nap on a rest area picnic table) in the Florida panhandle. One of the hard ones is the Bun Burner Gold 1500 miles in less than 24 hours, not much down time in that one.

    BTW, there are rides all over Europe as well, it is lots of fun and you get to know some amazing people who do some unbelievable rides.

    As much as I enjoyed it, that time has passed. My eyes and brain can no longer handle the night rides.


  7. Bob,

    When I first started the blog Blogger would not let me upload directly or at least I couldn't find the path. Started to use Photobucket and just never got around to changing...

    Really dumb on their part, over the years I've put up with a lot of ads and after using them for over 12 years I've only used less than 30% of my "free storage". Oh well it gets me off my ass and direct is a better way.


  8. Steve D6:49 PM

    Hi Ken,

    I am sad to hear about the problem with your photo hosting.

    I recently read through your blog start to finish and enjoyed all of your observations, projects and experiences. The photos are instrumental to understanding the posts.

    Thanks for posting and I hope you get through this setback.


  9. Steve,

    Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. It has always been kinda a journal and I agree the photos are a big part of the story. I have all the photos on my hard drives and most can be replaced with time but what a PITA.

    Once I figured out how to upload from my computer I should have changed but then I wouldn't have learned another life lesson :-).