Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Shop Made Chamfer and Round Over Plane

Long ago I made a series of shop made planes like those made by James Krenov. After trying shaping on several I found the best shape was just a block of wood much like a Japanese plane with the cutter pretty much centered in the stock. With the block of wood shape the plane is comfortable to use with either hand in any direction, pushing or pulling. In addition the planes are very light weight for their size. It makes the plane very handy for final shaping.

Chamfering and round-overs are about the only things I use the planes for but for those uses I haven't found anything better.

Here are a couple of photos of the most used ones. First is the small near block plane sized one:

Next is two together, the block plane sized and one about the size of a #3 Stanley:

Both work about the same, which one I use depends more on which I see first than the size.

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