Sunday, April 30, 2017

More Saguaro

Ralph over at The wanted to see a better photo of the Saguaro's arm. I'm not sure this is much better but if you squint you can see the remaining mature arm, the new smaller arm with flowers, and even 4 or 5 budding arms.

Click it to big it.

We live just a few miles from Saguaro National Park so the big suckers are everywhere. Here is a photo looking West towards the Park.

If you look carefully you can see the bank of the gully is covered with Saguaros.

Many folks consider the Sonoran Desert the most beautiful desert in the world, I know it is one of the greenest deserts and to a old Texas river rat it is close to perfect with beautiful 'Sky Islands', Saguaros, Iron Wood, Ocotillo, and even the 'Jumping Cholla' is pretty if you stay away from it. The other thing about the Sonoran Desert is the amount and diversity of the wild life. 

BTW, everything in the desert is tough, as I have said often, in the desert everything sticks, bites, or stings and it will kill you if you do not respect it.



  1. thanx Ken, I still think it is the closest I'll ever get to one of these.

  2. very cool, thanks for the little history of your desert. Not something I ran across much around here :-)

    Bob, taking Rudy out for his morning run in my "deserted" yard

  3. You guys should come on down some Winter, the desert can make a good break from the cold and I can always find you a bunk here in Casa Chaos. You might have to share with a big hairy dog but....