Monday, May 01, 2017

The Grandpeanut's Toy Box

Is in the short rows. I've maybe one more coat of the 'Brick Red' undercoat before I start on the 'Federal Blue' final coats.

I love the look and feel of milk paint. Both Art (with a capital 'A') and craft need to show the hand of the maker. When it does not, is too perfect, it loses its soul and no mater how beautifully made I lose interest in it very quickly. A Old Fart's cultural reference....It is like looking at Sandra Dee vs. Sophia Loren. Ms Dee was very pretty but....Ms Loren moved your soul. Or maybe, if you are not a Dirty Old Man of a certain age, it is like looking at an Ansel Adams photograph vs. a Roy DeCarava photograph. One you think is very nice the other you can come back to forever. Art is like that, it should grab you and never let go.

Damn that was a tasty rabbit...As I was saying, Milk paint feels organic, it invites touch to feel the surface of the wood under it and as it wears, which it will, it exposes the paint and wood underneath. With milk paint the piece of work becomes more as it ages and is used.

A couple more days of painting, putting on the lid hinge and I can do the Omni, Omni, VOR over the toy box and move on to something else.

See you guys on down the road,



  1. Looking good and I agree a lot more soul full..
    Ommni VOR over the toolbox heh! Don't forget the TACAN (another older guy reference) :-)

    Bob, the young one who just happened to know that stuff, yeah that's my story, just ask Rudy

  2. Bob,

    At least I didn't go into full 'art babble' mode in which I'm very conversant. Too many years of 'Openings' for the 'Cheese' eaters :-). There is not much to be said for being older than dirt but watching the "what is this old fool talking about now" expressions can be priceless.

    Whatever, one of the things I like most about milk paint is the way it wears and ages. No question modern paints are great at being paint but better isn't always better.

    Off my box and back to work,


  3. That is a great toy box that I am sure grandpeanut with treasure, and I do like the milk paint on it. I can't wait to see what it looks like after you apply the blue.

    I found your post very entertaining, a new perspective for an old man living out his dotage. Let me see if I got it right: a varnished toy box is to a multi-colored, milk-painted toy box as Sandra Dee is to Sophia Loren? :)

    Putting aside humor for the moment, I do see your point and may well try milk paint. Please be very specific about how you complete the finish after you apply the blue layer.

  4. That sure is a nice looking chest.
    I am impressed with your courage - going straight against a request (order) from your better half!!
    I am curious as to how it will look with a blue layer on as well.


  5. Brave man indeed...Lets hope its not Ken who ends up with the blue layer :-)
    Bob, running and ducking Saguaro arms

    1. Hahahaha.
      I hope that too. :-)
      Jonas, ducking his head in Norway.

  6. Andy,

    You understand :-). Or is it visa versa, damn now I'm confused. I'll post some photos once the box is finished and go into some detail on how I use milk paint.


  7. Thanks Jonas, The operative word is dumb, courage has nothing to do with it. Of course I acted as if I hadn't understood the directive, it's good to be deaf. But, I think she is on to me :-).

  8. Bob,

    As I expect you know after so many years they give up, They are still the boss and can make life difficult but most of the time it is not worth the effort. Let the old fart have his fun in the shop but....