Tuesday, January 03, 2017

MsBubba's Disks

The things we will do for the love of our lives. MsBubba asked the other day "how big a disk can you cut?". My answer was: What kind of disk? What wood? What is it for? What size do you need? I'll bet you know at least one of the answers. "It's for a game for Levi (the grandpeanut) and I don't know".

Bottom line we worked out the size and wood and I cut two dozen 100mm disks out of Baltic Birch ply.

The cutting out wasn't much of a problem but sanding them was kinda a butt scratcher. How to hold a 100mm disk while sanding. Ain't no way to use an RO sander, I tried holding in my palm with a sanding block, ended up with non-skid shelf liner on the bench and a sanding block.

I'm always amazed at the uses for holdfasts. The sanding block is one of those "point of sale" gadgets I'm a sucker for. The good news it is very handy, it holds new or used 5" sanding disks with hook and loop. My guess is it is used for 90% of my hand sanding.

My understanding is the disks will be painted different colors and used in some kind of "matching" game. Whatever, I got my Ataboy for the day.



  1. Anonymous4:20 AM

    What about using a part of the plywood with all the holes in it? Putting an adequate shim(shelf liner?)in a hole and placing a disk in it.
    Make a smaller hole at the periphery to remove the disc easily.
    Let us know when the game is identified.
    Best wishes for 2017 to You and your family.

  2. Sylvain,

    You are a genius :-). I did just as you suggested and the sanding job was finished in less than 10 minutes. Sometimes I suffer flat head syndrome.

    I'll tell the critters the treats are on you tonight.

    Wishing you and yours a good new year,


  3. That was the kind of good idea I generally think of well after the need for it has passed and then I injure myself trying to kick myself in the butt.

  4. Andy,

    Ain't that the truth.