Monday, January 02, 2017

Marking Gauges

Rob over at Heartwood is doing a very good series on marking gauges. I can't add much other than price doesn't always correlate to functionality.  I've several very beautiful marking gauges that were close to or over $100 USD that are unusable and several very plain and cheap gauges that I use often.

If you haven't, go read Rob's posts, there is a lot good information in the three current posts on marking gauges. About all I have to add are a couple of links to gauges I've found usable and cost effective.

One of the best gauges is a Ryuma screw lock from Tools from Japan that cost around $13 USD. A step up in quality and a little better functionality is also from Tools from Japan, a "Kegaki" double bladed mortise gauge for about $125 USD. The Kegaki is very similar to a Kinshiro gauge which will cost around $320 USD if you can find one for sale. I have both Kagaki and Kinshiro gauges and the biggest difference between them is the Kegaki is machine made where the Kinshiro is truly a work of art.


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    When it comes to marking gauges, Lee Valley newsletter once featured an excellent article on the topic. Google something like Lee Valley newsletter marking gauges should bring up the old issue. It covers everything one needs on the marking tool.


  2. Richard,

    Well written. Early on I looked for the perfect gauge only to find out there ain't no such thing. Along the way I kissed a bunch of frogs while figuring out pins have their uses, as do knife and wheel. Knowledge is knowing when to use which one.