Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pug Mill Table Finished

Title says it all. The table is finished, took longer than expected because of how wet the wood was/is. Anyway I expect it will support the pug mill and I should get a couple of at-a-boys out of it that might last 15 minutes or until I do something dumb, whichever happens first.

The best news is; it is out of the shop and I've cleaned up all the crap that comes with working very wet construction grade DF/mystery wood.

Here it is with the pug mill:



  1. Looking like a strong bench, should last! That was a quick project, im impressed, and I suspect so will she :-)
    She got some serious kilns in there... and two to boot...

    Bob, sipping his morning coffee with Rudy on my lap

  2. Bob,

    It should hold up and it was good to build as a prototype for my traveling bench. Better to make mistakes using construction lumber vs. Beech or Ash :-).

    She keeps talking about selling one, Scottish don't cha know, but so far she has paid attention to me in spite of my lack of money sense.

    Off to four hours of Cockpit Procedures Training for a couple of Initial clients. You never know what you are walking into, sometimes it is really good, sometimes OMG.

    My big guys woof a hello to Rudy,