Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pug Mill Table

MsBubba had a pug mill shipped in a couple of days ago. That sucker is heavy, just under 300 lbs and she wants a table to set in on. As I ran through the options I decided this would be a great chance to prototype a small travel workbench. I wanted something quick to build because I can hear a tapping foot and the "where is my table, the pug mill was delivered yesterday" vibe from 50 feet.

I decided to do a face glue up of the slab and the legs but make everything where no cutting or chopping of joinery is needed. Also because of its intended use I didn't prep any of the 2X4s. The slab cutting and glue up took just under 2 hours. I expect the leg and stretcher cutting and glue up will be about the same.

Bottom line unless there is a major hiccup I should have MsBubba smiling and playing with her new pug mill before the weekend is over.

Here is the slab ready for glue up.

The slab glued up, I'll wait for about 45 minutes before knocking out the leg mortise plugs.


  1. Ok ill bite... what the heck is a Pug mill???

    Bob, sipping coffee withRudy on the couch, scratching his butt :-)

  2. Anonymous5:42 AM

    I also had to google it.
    300 lb, is that without any clay in it?
    A small "Japan tool box" type of box filled with shavings would make a trendy crate for the rice bowl and stick.

  3. Bob,

    A big sausage/meat grinder but for use on clay. It's a heavy sucker. I had to get help to move to MsBubba's studio. That is one of the reasons I'm making the table like a work bench.


  4. Sylvan,

    I like it, I like it. I've been going back and forth between a western tool chest and a Japanese tool box for use as a traveling tool chest/box. I'm still undecided which to go with.

    Yeah, empty....It doesn't make it to 300 lbs but it is closer to 300 than it is to 250.


  5. What came to mind for a pug mill was at first absolutely adorable, then horrifying .

    Sylvan, I've made a couple English style and one Japanese,..I find the Japanese one hard to get stuff in and out of. My favourite travel chest is an old one made from half inch thick boards, with no skirting and it's very light yet still sturdy enough for going in and out of a car. I'm going to try to make a larger version some day.

  6. Thanks Paul,

    I'm still deciding but....I expect what I know will win out.