Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Small Candle Box

What do you do in the shop when not up to a major project? I tend to do tool maintenance if time and energy are in short supply. With a little more time and some energy I build small candle boxes for gifts and "Thank You's". Especially if I haven't cut any dovetails in a while.

It is a good use of scraps and time, and as far as I can tell most folks like 'em. Sometimes the wood combinations get a little weird, usually those I give to MsBubba to store stuff out in her Studio.

Today, was the last of three days off, Hi Ho it's off to work I go tomorrow,Yippie. Truth is I enjoy work, I just wish sometimes there was just a little less enjoyment. Anyway, Bubba cut to the chase, there was not enough time to start in on the Sofa Table joinery and just about every tool in the shop had been sharpened over the last couple of days so fall back position is to make a box.

Digging through the scraps I found some QS Sycamore I had used to make a back panel for a failed project that were the perfect size for a small box. Along with the Sycamore I found a piece of Red Oak big enough for the lid and a small Cherry cut off for the base. A few hours later, after Indian for lunch, a short visit to the wood store for coffee, some doggie butt scratching and belly rubbing I had a box. Have I said it's good to have a few days off in a row?

The front of the box:

These boxes are a good time to try different tools, I used a different cutting gauge to mark the base line this time....It didn't work as well as I would like on the soft Sycamore and left some honking base lines. Oh well, I guess it kinda shows the dovetails were hand cut.

Back side:

Lid open:

Remember...Click 'em to big 'em.

It's been a good three days, Did a bit of shop maintenance, sharpened a lot of iron, made a few things, and caught up on sleep and rest. Physically I feel better than I have in months. It may be time to pull the plug and go part time so I can control my work schedule.



  1. Nice box, love the quarter saw sycamore grain showing.
    Me and Rudy thing it is probably time to start controlling your work schedule... You wont regret it.

    Bob, scratching Rudy on the head while trying to type

  2. Bob,

    Rudy is a lucky guy. My two double team me most mornings, it's hard to even mouse click with a dog at each elbow licking and nosing.

    You are correct, I've a couple of things to clean up but those should be taken care of by the 1st of the year or shortly after. Still not sure about Pat's insurance, she has a way to go before Medicare (we can be dumber than a brick about some things) but if there is not a clear path to improvement by the first it will happen sooner rather than later.

    The boxes are truly no brainer projects, just something to practice making joints and keep me in the shop instead of geeking.

    ken...typing with one hand while Sam treats me like a "pull toy", and Pat wonders why all my t-shirts have little holes and are pulled out of shape.

  3. Well whenever it happen, you wont regret it.... As long as you plan for it.
    Took some adjustments, but I got a good pension, so yeah were fine. Kept my pensioner Medicare, sure is paying itself lately...

    Good luck with your plans.
    Rudy sends his regards to your dogs :-)