Saturday, November 28, 2015

Black Friday

I wasn't going to run the streets on Black Friday but the call of Home Depot made me unlash from the mast and join the mad rush. Now what really happened: One of our pantries has double sliding doors that I've been fighting with from the get go of buying this house. Fix, rehang, three or four months later repeat. I'd finally reached my limit and in the middle of fixing I tore that sucker out.

So off to Home Depot for a new track and rollers. The woodstore is just a couple of blocks north of Home Depot and in the morning their coffee is fresh, why not. Walked in and headed to the coffee machine with Tom on my heels, that man knows my buttons. As I pored my coffee he mentioned that Jet clamps were half off and there were just a few left. Two cups of coffee and a little over $200 USD later I headed back to install the new track and rollers.

Because we had T-Day at friends yesterday MsBubba wanted a Turkey of her own. so I'm hanging door tracks, cooking a post Thanksgiving Thanksgiving meal (MsBubba is at work), playing kick the ball with Sweet Maggie Dog and a occasional game of Tug with Sam the Wonder Dog and doing tool maintenance. BTW, the day after Thanksgiving Thanksgiving meal was great.

I'm starting to get comfortable with the Takashima stone for my finishing stone. For now my sequence depending on the condition of the iron is: Set the bevel with either a 600 or a 1200 Atoma. Remove most of the diamond plate scratches and raise a small wire edge with a Washia then move on to the Jnats. Set up the Takashima finish stone with the Brick aka a Ikarashi. The slurry makes a big difference, it needs to be Goldilocks, not too much but also not too little.

I've had a set of Kikahiromaru #1 White Paper chisels for several months. When they first arrived I set up a couple or three as needed to work and the rest have been sitting until I could find some time to work on 'em. Time I found the last couple of days and I've been beavering away on the rest of the chisels.

Here is one of the Kikahiromaru's I just finished on the Jnats:

Click it to big it.

The bevel has a very fine matt finish with no heavy scratches. The edge when looked at with a 10X lope is pristine. It hasn't touched wood but from looking and feeling the edge I expect it is a good working sharp chisel and the edge will stay working sharp for a long time.

I've started down the Jnat slippery slope and ordered a couple more Jnats.  One I hope to use as a replacement for the Washita so I can go all water vs. the current start on oil and end with water. I like using oil better than water but I like using water better than half and half. I know me and brain farts. The other stone I'm hoping will fit in the sequence just after the Takashima, a little finer but not too much.

Damn it's nice to have a couple days off in a row, see you guys on down the road.



  1. I too fought off Black friday, but since I had to go to our regional hospital to pick up stuff for Heather, and Home Despot is near by...had to drop in :-) Didn't get much, boxes of LEDs light bulbs, already installed. We are slowly converting all our light fixtures to LEDs
    But later on, whole cruising the net, came across the BF sale at Shop woodworking (Pop WW) and bought 5 download DVDs, instant gratification, I like that, no shipping, no waiting etc. Bam, here it is :-)

    BTW you can use a oil stone with water, but for it to work you must first wash out the oil (dishwasher works great for that) I always finish my stones routine on my 6000 Japanese waterstone, but I have to make sure I wipe the blade good then give it a quick wipe of oil to prevent rust....if I am not using it right away.
    The wiping part is easy I always wipe the blade before changing grit or inspecting the edge.

    Bob, with Rudy on his lap. Gonna have to disturb him to go watch my new movies :-)

  2. Bob,

    I'm guessing Heather is home from the hospital, at least I hope so.

    The stones are in the washer as I type (Pat's at work :-)).

    My two would like to be lap dogs but with one just under 100 lbs. and the other over they need a bigger lap than mine. Not that they do not try.

    Enjoy your videos, I may catch up on some of mine as well along with sharpening tools....working on tools is good therapy.


  3. Just finished watching an interview with Tashio Odate and Megan, very interesting. He doesnt care much for back bevel, and he stop at 6000 or 8000 waterstone grits. He said the slurry you make with a Nagura stone makes the stone more of a polishing stone, something like 12,000.
    Learned a few things about Japanese tools, and he reinforced some of my beliefs re sharpening.
    Well worth a watch.

    Yes, Heather is home, we are going back monday for two days, for the last two radiation treatments on her new tumour.